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Kavyesh Kaviraj

is a composer, arranger & classically trained Jazz pianist based in the
Twin Cities.

His debut album arrives July 12th.



Having collaborated with some of Minnesota’s most esteemed musicians, Kavyesh has solidified himself as one of the most sought-after composers, arrangers and pianists in the Twin Cities. Taking influences from his birthplace of Oman, his rich Indian heritage, and the place he now calls home, the St. Paul virtuoso utilizes his astounding ability to craft compelling musical narrative, imbuing his life’s essence into each of his acclaimed compositions. For the past seven years, Kavyesh has channelled his most transformative experiences and lessons from his heart to the piano, through the language of Jazz. 

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Kavyesh Kaviraj Important Events

12 Jul                    FABLES Album Release Party          The Dakota, Minneapolis, MN

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